Today’s Bible Reading: Genesis 23–24


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Choose Wisely My Friend

Genesis 23–24

Thinking Man - 123rf crop smI have been a bit long-winded of late so I’ll try to keep this post short in order to give you a break from my verbosity.  Today we read of Sarah’s passing; she was 127 years old at her death.  This means that Abraham was about 137 at this time.  We read of Abraham negotiating for a burial place for his beloved wife and of him sending his steward off to find a wife for his son Isaac in the land of his father, Nahor.

If you’ll remember, Lot had two daughters who had been betrothed to men of Sodom.  That didn’t work out too well.  The people of Sodom were evil down to the last man.  Those men never did marry Lot’s daughters because they were killed when God wiped out Sodom, but the daughters went on to bear children spawned from incest with their own father.

Abraham made different choices in his life.  God had told Abraham that his descendants would be given the land of Canaan a few hundred years hence because the iniquity of the people of Canaan would be complete and their time for judgment would be at hand.  Abraham knew that his son should not marry from among these people as they were far from God.  It is clear that Abraham’s family in Nahor new the One True God, at least to some degree.  Later we will discover that Laban, Rebekah’s brother, had “household gods” so they were not as close as they should be, but still, they clearly were not as far from God as the Canaanites.

Sin leads to problems in one’s life.  The more and greater the sin, the more and greater the devastation.  The Moabites and the Ammonites, the children of the incestuous paring of Lot and his daughters, would fight with the descendants of Abraham.  Eventually they would disappear from the Earth as a distinct people group.  The children of Abraham still live in the land and exist as a distinct people group today.  This is what comes from a father’s legacy.  Lot chose poorly on many important issues.  Abraham chose wisely on those same issues.  The results are clear to see.

Brothers, what legacy are you leaving for your family?  Will your children be blessed because you trusted and obeyed God or will they be cursed because you rejected God’s leadership in your life and therefore in theirs?  The choices you make today will drive the future of your descendants.  Choose wisely my friend.

Have a blessed day!

Your brother and servant in Christ,


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