Today’s Bible Reading: 1 Chronicles 6


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Bible Order: Psalms 10–17
Chronological Order: 2 Chronicles 6-7, Psalms 136
New Testament Only: John 16:1–15

God Keeps His Promises

1 Chronicles 6

Rainbow - Girl reachingYou’re going to find this hard to believe but I find Chronicles to be a fabulous example of holding to God’s promises in the face of deserved adversity.  Chronicles was written during the Babylonian exile.  Why would the Holy Spirit direct them to write this genealogical record while in exile?  Remember that Israel and Judah had walked so far away from God for so long that they lost sight of His purpose and plan for them.  They lost His blessing.

2 Kings 24:20 ESV

“For because of the anger of the Lord it came to the point in Jerusalem and Judah that he cast them out from his presence.”

So why hold on to the history and who followed whom and who had which land?  Because while they realized that God had thrust them from His presence, and deservedly so, they knew that God had made a promise.  The thing about God’s promises is that they are made by Him and guaranteed by His character.  He keeps His promises even when His people don’t keep their end of the covenant.  That doesn’t mean you get off scot free if you disobey.  It means there will be more pain, and that it will take longer for those promises to be filled.  God is not looking for an excuse to break a promise.  His plans are not thwarted by our bad behavior.  If you disobey, you will be punished but the punishment of God is intended to draw you back to Him in right relationship.

That is what all of this list making is about.  They deserve to be thrust from God’s presence but they realize that someday God will return a remnant of Israel to the Promised Land because of His promise.  The promises of man are not worth a fig.  The promises of God are lead-pipe-cinch guaranteed.  What does this mean for you and me?  When we disobey we will suffer the consequences.  Accept your punishment, repent, confess, ask for forgiveness and prepare for God to restore you to right relationship.

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(Originally posted 5/5/10)

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